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We only provide housekeeping services in the Twin Cities area.



As a Real Estate Agent, one of your many duties is making sure all the properties you show are spotless. It’s just common sense. Who would want to buy a dirty home, right?


That is where we come in. We provide cleaning for Real Estate Agents in Twin Cities Metro that helps you sell more homes. We will leave your properties spotless and smelling like new.


For a limited time only you can get 20% discount on the first property we clean for you!


There are no commitments, no questions, no contract.

What’s Included in a Move Out/In/Make Ready Clean?


Every Area


  •     Remove cobwebs
  •     Remove dust from walls
  •     Clean vents
  •     Clean ceiling fans
  •     Clean shelves
  •     Clean hanging rods
  •     Clean door frames outside and inside
  •     Dust and wipe doors
  •     Dust, vacuum, and clean blinds
  •     Clean window tracks and sills
  •     Clean outlets and switch plates
  •     Clean baseboards
  •     Vacuum room edges
  •     Sweep, vacuum, and mop all floors
  •     Take out trash




  •     Dust and clean lamps and light fixtures
  •     Wash and sanitize toilet bowl, showers, tubs, and sinks
  •     Scrub and disinfect counters, vanities, and backsplashes
  •     Clean mirrors and glass fixtures
  •     Clean and polish chrome surfaces
  •     Clean inside and outside of cabinets




  •     Clean closet
  •     Clean mirrors
  •     Vacuum room edges
  •     Vacuum carpet




What’s Not Included in a Move Out/In/Make Ready Clean?


Removing food from refrigerator

Removing plates, glasses, eating utensils, pots and pans, and trash from cabinets

Removing food from pantry

Helping you move your furniture

Removing broken furniture

Removing broken electronic equipment

Removing hangers from hanging rods

Removing clothes from closets

Removing boxes filled with trash or items we don’t know if you want to keep or throw away

Taking down curtains and curtain rods

Disconnecting cables from cable company or telephone company

Cleaning windows from the outside

Cleaning siding

Mowing the lawn

Removing screws, nails, or stickers from walls

Carpet cleaning

Disposing of old, dirty rugs


Fixing plumbing issues

Changing locks

Repairing broken stuff i.e., blinds, holes in walls, replacing alarms

Replacing chandeliers or light fixtures

Replacing toilet seats

Moving all the trash from above to trash bins (apartments)






  •     Clean and degrease top of cabinets
  •     Clean inside of cabinets
  •     Clean and degrease outside of cabinets
  •     Clean and degrease range top and range hood
  •     Clean and sanitize microwave oven
  •     Clean on top of refrigerator
  •     Clean Outside of refrigerator
  •     Clean inside of refrigerator
  •     Move stove and refrigerator to clean under them
  •     Clean other appliances
  •     Clean stove
  •     Clean oven
  •     Clean, sanitize, and disinfect counters
  •     Clean, scrub, sanitize, and disinfect sinks
  •     Clean and polish chrome surfaces


Living and Dining Room


  •     Clean mantle
  •     Clean fireplace
  •     Vacuum room edges
  •     Sweep, vacuum, and wet mop floors


Utility Room


  •     Clean shelves
  •     Clean dryer and washer
  •     Sweep under washer and dryer
  •     Clean inside of cabinets
  •     Clean outside of cabinets
  •     Clean water outlet/connections
  •     Wet mop floors


Cleaning Services for Realtors in Eagan and St Paul, MN


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